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“There is nothing else even close to this company! If you have a loss where you need some additional assistance, they will be on a conference call with the policy holder and their technician to explain the results. I would recommend this company to anyone. If you aren’t using them, my results are better than yours!”

William C Testimonial
William C.
Property Team Leader, Privately Held

“CIS is a trusted business partner, having solved many of our commercial, multi-peril and dwelling policy claim issues involving HVAC and other equipment losses for more than five years.”

Gene Simon
Gene Simon
Property Claims Manager, Retired

The marketing department helps lead one of our vendors from whom we receive superior service, training, and education. His firm continues to enhance our efforts, our skills, and save millions for our us, and our clients.

Jay Jacketer
Jay Jackter
Specialty Claims Consultant, Liberty Mutual

The results of CIS exceeded our expectations and we have engaged CIS as a preferred contractor. Working with them was and is a pleasure. They kept integral communications open throughout the Pilot. When challenges presented themself, CIS was able to work with us to develop processes that overcame them.

Mark Garner
Mark Garner
Innovation Project Manager, Farmers Insurance

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