Refrigeration Claims

Refrigeration equipment is commonly referred to as Walk-in and/or Reach-in Coolers. When refrigeration systems fail, businesses small and large can be shut down for hours to days at a time. This can lead to business interruption losses, as well as spoilage claims. 

CIS understands these complicated systems and can help simplify the handling of your claims. Through our national network of certified refrigeration contractors, CIS will validate the reported peril and provide an accurate scope of work and price to bring your Policyholder back to pre-loss condition.

Additionally, CIS’ Repair and Replacement division, NHG – National HVAC Group, will complete the repairs or replacements for the estimate provided in our reports. CIS stands behind the estimates we provide, both in court and when asked to complete the repairs or replacement. 

CIS Commercial Walkin Cooler

An enclosed storage space that is refrigerated to temperatures anywhere from 41 degrees and below. These may be coolers or freezers, and some utilize a rack system of compressors to maintain temperatures.

CIS Reach-in Freezer

A storage space that is utilized to maintain temperatures generally below 41 degrees. Used commonly in grocery stores, these devices may be coolers or freezers. These items may be open shelves or behind glass doors.

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