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Since 1978, CIS has been assisting insurance carriers accurately settle their HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical, and Well Pump Claims. Throughout the year,  our consultants, technicians, managers, and executives arrange charity and volunteer events. Over the years, CIS has donated thousands of dollars and items to a variety of organizations and groups. Since then, we have gathered tremendous stories and photos to remember these special moments!

Wheeling Township Food Pantry

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During such uncertain times, CIS’ CEO feels its important that we all do our part to help the community in which we are a part of, big or small. During the month of April, CIS’ CEO Ira Katz donated food and goods to Wheeling’s Township Food Pantry to ensure those who are struggling can provide for themselves and their families.

The donation was so significant that the Wheeling Township sent over their truck to collect all the food and goods. Donation sizes are not merely based upon size but based upon the impact of  those in need. Whether it is one meal or one hundred, it is about helping each other through generosity and kindness.

Ira Katz and the CIS family wish you all continued health and safety during this time.

CIS HVAC Claims Donation

Lupus Society of Illinois

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In business, our job is to focus on growing the business every year, month and day. However, here at CIS our staff considers our Philanthropy quite often as our culture insures we give back to the community routinely. We support organizations that are honest and contribute over 95% of the funds received to the actual charity.

As CEO, each year I encourage CIS’ extraordinary staff to select, design and control our company’s Philanthropy. Over the years we have examples of these wonderful contributions that have taken place: holiday gifts donated to families on hard times, money donated to the Make A Wish Foundation, sending over 3,800 bottles / 160 cases to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and more.

Most recently, CIS’ staff raised money to fight something that is near and dear to some of our employees. CIS raised money to fight Lupus. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Inflammation caused by Lupus can affect many different body systems including your joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs.

Two of CIS’ staff members, who are brothers, have been affected by Lupus in a different way. They lost their young sister (Jackie) to this disease. Every year they have put together a walk to commemorate their sister, raise awareness about Lupus and donate money to the Lupus Society of Illinois. This year, the 10thyear of commemorating Jackie, they put together a competition for which there were three teams. Each team had a captain, of which I happily represented a team in addition to two upper management staff members. The goal was for each team to attempt and achieve the highest amount donations in three weeks. The winning team, with the most donations collected, would be able to throw a pie in the face of any of the three captains.

Ultimately, it was an amazing fund-raising event for a wonderful cause! Everyone here at CIS contributed, had fun, and I joyfully received many pies thrown at my face.

These are just a couple of examples of the amazing people that represent my company, CIS. I am proud of their humanity and caring for other individuals.
– Ira Katz CEO

CIS Lupus Event

CIS Lupus Event

Hurricane Harvey – Water for Houston, TX

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When Hurricane Harvey made its landfall in Texas and Louisiana in August of 2017, CIS knew they needed to help. Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane that damaged everything in its path. Once relief efforts began, CIS’ team came together to bring in dozens of cases of water. Collectively, CIS dropped off three pallets worth of water bottles, 512 gallons or 3,877 bottles, to Bloomingdale’s Relief Effort to be sent down to Texas.

CIS Hurricane Harvery 2017

Make a Wish Foundation

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During the month of July in 2013, CIS participated in a friendly penny wars competition. CIS’ team divided up to see who could collect the most pennies total over the month! The rules of the game were as followed, collect as many pennies as possible, any pennies placed in to the jar were cancelled out by silver change and dollar bills, and if you were to step away from your team’s jar at any time, the opposing team could put any amount of silver change or dollar bills in the jar. The goal of the month-long competition was to get as many pennies in your jar as possible. As stated before, all silver change and dollar bills cancel out the penny total values. At the end of the month, the winning team determines what charity or organization the money goes.

Once the competition ended, the winning team chose to donate the money through Stephanie Springs at Make a Wish Foundation. In total, CIS donated $1,600 and helped a young girl Liliana achieve her wish of visiting Florida and their amusement parks. The team had a wonderful, unforgettable time getting involved in a friendly competition to achieve the goal of helping others.

CIS Make a Wish 2013

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CIS Thanksgiving Meal Drop Off 2020

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