NHG Emergency Services


NHG provides temporary cooling and heating services for residential and commercial properties. In addition, has one of the largest networks of temporary cooling/heating contractors nationwide. NHG’s rental fleet includes air and water-cooled portable units, varying from 1 to 5 tons. NHG can provide trailer-mounted units in 5-ton to 40-ton capacities. Additionally, NHG can provide temporary relief to the hot weather by facilitating temporary chiller hook-up in larger commercial buildings.

NHG Temp Cool and Heat
Temporary Cooling

Portable cooling packaged units that provide immediate temporary control solutions for people, equipment, companies, and buildings nationwide.

NHG Temporary Heat
Temporary Heating

Portable heating packaged units that provide safe and reliable temperature control for people, equipment, companies, and buildings nationwide.

NHG Electrical Testing
Temporary Electric

Portable temporary electrical distribution system that provides a safe and reliable way to tap into and utilize power sources independently around a specified location.