Education is the Key to Understanding HVAC-R Claims

CIS Portable HVAC-R Lab
CIS believes that an educated claim adjuster not only can handle the communication process of a claim better, but also feels more comfortable explaining our findings while decreasing claim cycle time.

In 2013 CIS presented our portable HVAC-R training system to 28 insurance company locations and trained more than 700 adjusters. Each one thanked us for the amazing information.  They now understand how what thermodynamics is, HVAC-R components, national regulations, when a system can be repair instead of being replaced and what hail, lightning and wear and tear are with respect to an HVAC-R system. Knowledge is everything when handling difficult claims like these.

Discussed within the class is:

  • Condenser and air handler components
  • Split systems, package units, boilers and  chillers
  • Refrigerant R22 & R410a
  • R22 replacement components
  • Seer ratings (What are they)
  • Lightning and hail claims
  • Theft of condensers
  • Maintenance of HVAC-R systems

Call our staff at 888-345-2700 or utilize the form below to schedule an education program or to find out when our HVAC-R training lab will be coming to your area. This unit fits through a normal office door and elevator, plus it is powered by a standard wall outlet. If requested, CIS can create custom training modules to laser focus on your specific needs, and we can also add a discussion regarding well pumps and lightning strike education.

The following is an example of HVAC-R components that are displayed on our HVAC-R  lab and found on a common small commercial or residential split system.

AC Disc
HVAC Interior

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