Generator Claims

The most common generator failures happen from a direct lightning strike or the age of the battery causes the unit to fail. Other causes can include leaks in the coolant system, damaged wiring, bad belts, or burnt components. Luckily, CIS can consult on generators nationwide, even in the most rural neighborhoods.

With a contractor network of over 5,000, CIS can send out one of our contractors to gather the information on-site about the unit and send it along to one of our many certified consultants who can determine the cause of loss. In addition, the CIS consultant assigned to that assignment will provide you with an accurate scope of work and estimate to bring your Policyholder back to preloss condition.

CIS Commercial Generator
Standby Generator

Standby Generators are typically used as a back-up electrical system that operates automatically. Once an automatic transfer switch detects power is lost, the generator starts.

CIS ATS Generator

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is an electrical switch that redistributes power when the primary power source stops working or fails to deliver the required load.

CIS Specialty Claims Flyer
Specialty Flyer

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