Employee Spotlights 2019

CIS Team 2019

December 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of the people I work with, from our senior management to the people I sit next to all day, they are the best!

Nina O’Connor Mangen
Customer Service Representative

Nina joined CIS in May of 2015 and has worn many hats throughout her time with the company, including assisting in accounts payable, customer service, network services, specialty/electrical, as well as residential and commercial HVAC. Nina has always been willing to learn and adapt to new roles when needed. Recently, Nina has been assisting operations in handling appointment confirmations and rescheduling for the specialty, residential and commercial departments, as well as inspection document receipt and processing. She has helped tremendously in keeping inspections and document processing organized and handled efficiently over the last two years. Her strong work ethic, dedication, adaptability and tenacity have allowed her to be a great contributor towards CIS’ success in her time here. We commend her on all her work to date and look forward to continued growth in the future.

November 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because I enjoy the many different challenges that arise daily, utilizing different skills that are required to do the job well, and the people that I work with.

Mike Scaglione
Commercial Consultant Manager

Since 2005, Mike has been servicing clients in a variety of fields including electronics, automotive restoration and HVAC-R consulting. For the past eight years, Mike has been CIS’ HVAC Commercial Manager, overseeing assignments including a wide variety of perils, as well as large loss claims. His continuing education in HVAC-R and insurance practices, has allowed him to excel as a team leader and provides the opportunity to display his expertise. Mike’s unrivaled integrity and motivation has made him a superlative and unsurpassable asset to CIS.

October 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of the friendly work environment!

Vince Remmers
Electrical Technical Consulting Manager

In 1988, I began my Electrical and HVAC-R education at Elgin Community College. I started my career in this related field in 1993, working for the City of Elgin, IL. For 14 years, I was employed by them performing HVAC-R, Direct Digital Control, and Electrical installation and troubleshooting. While there, I obtained a CM with RSES, Nate Certification, and was licensed as a Stationary Engineer. Then, I worked in the restoration industry for 5 years as the VP of Operations until 2012 and gained extensive experience in the insurance claims processes producing Residential and Large Loss. Prior to joining CIS, I was Self-Employed as an Electrical/HVAC-R Contractor for 8 years. I have held an Electrical contractors license for 10 years and a Heating Contractors license for 8 years.

September 2019 Employee Spotlight

I love working at CIS because I work with, and for, great people!

Eddie Silva
Residential HVAC Consultant

Eddie has been a valuable member of CIS since February of 2013. He has experience working alongside the insurance industry for 10+ years and has consulted on thousands of insurance claims. He currently specializes in consulting on Residential HVAC systems. Eddie is recognized for his hard work, dedication and commitment to providing outstanding customer service all the time.

August 2019 Employee Spotlight

I enjoy working with my fellow colleagues who I happily also can refer to as my friends!

Daniel Maka
Commercial HVAC Consultant

Dan has been with CIS since April of 2018. He is a Commercial HVAC Consultant in which he has shown great dedication and customer service to our clients. Dan has developed as a consultant, handling assignments consisting of all types of perils and large loss assignments. He has exhibited his stellar work ethic and positive attitude as he continues his growth with CIS. Congratulations Dan, we are thrilled to have you as part of the team!

July 2019 Employee Spotlight

I enjoy working at CIS because we have a really good team environment and the employees make it a fun workplace!

Mari Fonseca
Customer Service Representative

Mari just joined CIS’ family in April of 2019. She immediately had a positive impact within our company especially within CIS’ Customers Service Department. Her joyous and vibrant personality was immediate. These great traits can be found coming through the phone calls she handles from our wonderful clients. In addition to her great personality, Mari’s desire to work diligently and accurately as she masters her new position is another reason she has been recognized with this month’s Employee Spotlight. Congratulations Mari and welcome to CIS’ family!

June 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because I enjoy puzzles and I see claims processing as putting pieces together to tell a story of what happened.

Ben Budnik
Residential HVAC Assistant Manager

Ben joined CIS in 2014 and has been a valuable member of the Residential HVAC team throughout his tenure. Ben’s quality work has made him a standout performer on his team and within the company. As such, Ben was promoted to Assistant Manager of the Residential Department in 2018 and has provided extensive support in quality assurance and production in the continuously growing segment of our company.

May 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of its unique culture, continuing education, manager/fellow employee support, technical challenges, and fulfilling the needs of clients.

RJ Ricci
Assistant Commercial Consultant Manager

R.J. has been with CIS since April of 2012. He started as a Commercial HVAC Consultant in which he showed great development and dedication to serving our clients. R.J. has since been promoted to Assistant Commercial Consultant Manager. He handles some of the most complex and challenging assignments with his expertise as an HVAC Consultant and past years in the insurance industry as an adjuster. We are honored to recognize R.J. for his hard work and continuing efforts in producing excellent work and service to our clients.

April 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because the atmosphere here is like that of a big family. I enjoy coming to work and take pride in doing my job well.

Ramon Delgado
Specialty Claims Consultant

Ramon has been a member of CIS since May of 2007. During his years in the insurance industry, he has assisted with claims involving automotive, residential, and commercial properties. In his current role as a Specialty Claims Consultant, Ramon handles assignments which include well pumps, electrical, generators, audio systems, and more specialized equipment. His versatility and understanding of a multitude of equipment types and electronics is one of his many strengths.

March 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of the people I work with and the environment they create.

Fabiel Campos
Project Coordinator

Fabiel has been a member of CIS since January 2012. Fabiel began his tenure with CIS as a vital member of the Commercial HVAC department. His expertise in HVAC equipment and skillset allowed for Fabiel to move through the ranks and begin a specialized program called FastTrac, which offered our clients an expedited review of a proposal, significantly reducing cycle time.

February 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of the work atmosphere. We are a family and support each other here at CIS There’s never a dull day!

Kathy LaBarr
Network Services Coordinator

Kathy has been a member of CIS since February 2018. Throughout her first year with us, Kathy has been a crucial coordinator who not only schedules claims with our Network Contractors, but also handles invoice discrepancies, locates new contractors to join our network on a daily basis, and has been very involved in helping create our new App, CIS PRO, for technicians to utilize on inspections.

January 2019 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of the dynamic and the team approach. We have many talented people and the sense of family around the office.

Deanna Nuzzo
Accounts Receivable & CSR

Deanna has been with CIS in many different facets since July 2012. Currently, Deanna works with our Accounting Department on Accounts Receivables and within the Customer Service Department taking incoming claims via phone, email, and our portal.

In addition to her primary roles, Deanna has also assisted our Network Services Department on a call campaign to our large network of HVAC contractors, while providing training to our new employees in our Customer Service Department.

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