Employee Spotlights 2020

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November 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because I feel like I get along with everyone and have made lasting friendships!

Orlando Rubio
Network Services Assistant Manager

Orlando has been with CIS since March 2017 and currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida where he has been working remotely for our company. He is a very dedicated, hard-working employee that has proven time and time again why he is such a valuable asset to our company. He began as a Network Coordinator and within his first two years, he was deservingly promoted to Assistant Manager. On a daily basis he handles price negotiations, discrepancies, and is constantly scheduling service calls with out Network Contractors to assure our consultant’s claims are being handled in a timely manner.

October 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because I enjoy the many different challenges that arise daily, utilizing different skills that are required to do the job well, and the people that I work with.

Mike Scaglione
Commercial Consultant Manager

Since 2005, Mike has been servicing clients in a variety of fields including electronics, automotive restoration and HVAC-R consulting. For the past eight years, Mike has been CIS’ HVAC Commercial Manager, overseeing assignments including a wide variety of perils, as well as large loss claims. His continuing education in HVAC-R and insurance practices, has allowed him to excel as a team leader and provides the opportunity to display his expertise. Mike’s unrivaled integrity and motivation has made him a superlative and unsurpassable asset to CIS.

September 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because it we have a very collaborative team environment working together to achieve a common goal.

Ron Blazek
Commercial HVAC Consultant

Ron has been a part of the CIS team since 2011. He has consulted on a vast variety HVAC-R claims throughout his tenure in the Commercial HVAC-R Department. Ron’s commitment to the company and our clients over the years has helped our team continue to grow and develop. He brings tremendous technical knowledge to share with our staff and clients. His personality and great sense of humor are a bright spot within our group. CIS appreciates his hard work and contributions in meeting our goals and the needs of our clients.

August 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because everyday is different. There are always new challenges with equipment problems that I get to learn from. Also the great team I have the privilege to work with.

Matt Wood
HVAC Technical Consulting Manager

Matthew Wood joined CIS in the month of February 2014. His work and technical expertise casts a large shadow within CIS’ Personal Lines and more. Matthew’s path to HVAC-R technical expertise started in 1995 as an HVAC Technician. He gained experience and knowledge throughout the 90’s. His work in the field culminated at the end of 2002 as he began a new adventure of becoming a HVAC Instructor in 2002 for Coyne College. At Coyne, Matthew sharpened his intellectual senses and teaching abilities which culminated in 2005 as he was awarded Coyne American Institute Instructor of the Year. Always pushing himself, Matthew decided to leave Coyne College in 2007 to take up a greater teaching role as HVAC Program Director/Instructor at (ETI) Environmental Technical Institute which lasted for another wonderful 5 years. Matthew decided in 2012 to move to another aspect of HVAC-R by becoming a Sales/Technical Consultant. In 2014, Matthew joined CIS as a HVAC Technical Consulting Manager for Personal Lines having an immediate impact in CIS’ HVAC-R training. To this day, Matthew’s impact continues to be large as he utilizes all in accolades by training our Consultants in every aspect of HVAC-R and more. We thank Matthew for his hard work and dedication!

A few of Matthew’s Awards & Certifications:

Throughout his 25 years of HVAC-R expertise, Matthew always continued his education in the HVAC-R world by sharping receive certifications in AHRI, NATE, Combustion Analysis Certification, Green Awareness Certification, R-401a Certified through AC&R Safety Coalition, Certified Carbon Monoxide Inspector (COSA) , RSES SMS, EPA type 608 Universal Certification, OHSA certified outreach trainer, 2010 Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Imperial Award recipient and Certified Master HVAC Educator.

July 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because when you’re here, you’re family!

Keith Davies
Commercial HVAC Consultant

Keith joined CIS in May of 2015. He has excelled in his time here as a Commercial HVAC Consultant. Keith handles all types and sizes of HVAC-R related assignments including large loss. His work ethic and ability to gain new knowledge have allowed him to expand his role into different areas of our consulting services including electrical, well pumps, generators, and others that are offered by our Specialty department. We congratulate Keith on his accomplishments as we recognize his contributions to the CIS team.

June 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because there are new challenges and issues to resolve every day!

Jesus Arellano
Residential HVAC Consultant

Jesus joined CIS in February of 2011 after receiving his HVAC-R certification from Coyne College in 2010. Jesus has been a strong pillar of the department since its origination. Jesus has used his wealth of technical knowledge and diligence towards thorough analysis to expertly review thousands of diverse HVAC-R losses. Jesus has also been an excellent teammate and has willingly shared his knowledge, experience, and skills to assist his peers and the company in general in reaching our goals. His strong work ethic, positive attitude, and calm demeanor have made Jesus an invaluable contributor to growing and solidifying the Residential Department, for over nearly a decade of service.

May 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because everyone is very helpful and positive!

Stephanie Lehman
Residential HVAC Consultant

Stephanie has been with CIS since March of 2017 and has been a key member of the Residential HVAC Department. In her time here, Stephanie has handled and reviewed a wide variety of perils and equipment, ranging from standard storage-tank water heaters to the most-advanced, multi-zone, optimal-efficiency air-source, ground-source, geothermal-source, and various fuel-fired HVAC systems.  Stephanie’s tenacious attention to detail and conscientious approach to her duties of consulting on hundreds of HVAC losses per year has made her a standout within the Residential Department. Her ability to remain organized, thorough, and efficient in addressing the unique needs of our valued clients, along with her fun and energetic personality, has made Stephanie an exemplary employee at CIS. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication.

April 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because it is a friendly work environment and we all work as a team!

Emily Perez
Network Services Coordinator

Emily has been with CIS since November 2018 as a valued member of the Network Services Team. Along with assisting in scheduling service calls and handling escalated issues with our network contractors on a daily basis, she has helped continue to build our network of over 5,000 licensed contractors and build our CIS Pro app. Emily comes in to work every day with a positive attitude and the mindset to not only complete her own work, but also help other employees stay on task too. She has become a crucial member to our Network Services Team and continues to exemplify what a hard-working employee is.

March 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because I have learned more than I ever could imagine regarding HVAC and it is all because of the people I work with here at CIS.

Scott Balcer
Network Services Manager

Scott joined CIS in April of 2014. In his current role as a Network Services Manager, Scott oversees our national network of contractors. From scheduling inspections to growing our network of over 5,000 national contractors, Scott’s dedication to his team, and our customers, is one of his leading attributes! In addition to managing his team, Scott also contributes with CIS’ voice-over projects and videos as the narrator. His high level of energy, enthusiasm, and outgoing personality keep things exciting in the office! We are excited to see him continue to develop as a true leader at CIS.

February 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because of the culture. Here, we are more like a family. We get to know each other outside of work and have learned to play into each others’ strengths to maximize performance.

Nestor Silva
Director of National Sales

Nestor has been with CIS since August of 2012 and currently holds the position of Director of National Sales for our repair/replacement division, NHG. Nestor began his career at CIS managing our contractor network and has worked on growth initiatives, such as our Direct Repair Program and National HVAC Group. Nestor’s drive and “go-getter” approach has enabled him to excel at CIS and we look forward to seeing him continue to grow as a leader in this ever-changing industry.

January 2020 Employee Spotlight

I like working at CIS because I enjoy working collaboratively with my team and learning from some of the best in the industry.

Serena Nuccio
National Account Manager

Serena has been with CIS since March of 2019 as a valued member of the Sales and Marketing team. Her expertise in digital marketing has been instrumental in updating CIS’ and NHG’s digital presence, as well as providing a fresh new perspective to our marketing programs. In addition to her work improving the marketing message, Serena continually works to improve our relationships with our clients by conducting office visits and adjuster trainings. Her upbeat personality and drive for success has been well received by our clients. Serena is a true gem and we are proud to have her on our team!

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