Commercial and Residential Electrical Claims

CIS will consult on Electrical claims for everything from the breaker panel to the outlet. Regardless if the reported peril is lightning, theft, wear and tear, or poor installation, CIS’ experts will provide the answers to help you settle your claim.

Our Electrical consulting services can determine the cause of loss, repairability, and provide an accurate scope of work and price to bring your Policyholder back to pre-loss condition.

CIS Electrical Meter Socket
Meter Socket

A meter socket is a socket that connects a watt-hour meter, or electrical meter, to a house. Meter Sockets measure the amount of power used so the supplier knows what to charge.

CIS Electrical Disconnect

Electrical Disconnects are switches that isolate all wiring in a home from the source of power, usually a utility power service. Disconnects are the first device after the utility meter and may be a switch housed in an exterior box enclosure.

CIS Main Distribution Panel
Main Distribution Panel

Main Distribution Panels are cabinets that house and separate branch circuits. In addition, Main Distribution Panels provide each circuit with protective fuses or circuit breakers.

CIS Subpanels

Electrical Subpanels are a way-point between the main service panel and branch circuits further down the line. The Subpanel does not provide additional electricity to the home, it feeds off the main service panel.

CIS Circuit Branch
Branch Circuits

Branch Circuits are part of an electric circuit extending beyond the last circuit breaker or fuse. They start are the breaker box and extend to the electrical devices connected to the service.

CIS Breaker Panel
Main Service Entrance

Service Entrance is where the wires connected to the load side of the meter enter the home or building. It is commonly thought of, or referred to as, the breaker or fuse box.

CIS Wall Outlet

AC power plugs and sockets connect electrical equipment to current power supplies in buildings and other sites. Outlets differ from one another in voltage and connecter type.

CIS Ground Fault
Ground Fault

An inadvertent contact that is between an energized conductor and the ground.

CIS Specialty Claims Flyer
Electrical Claims

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