Commercial Signage

Commercial Signage Claims

Commercial Signage repairs or replacements are usually the cause of being hit, natural disaster, electrical surge, or wear and tear. Fortunately, CIS is here to help settle those claims accurately and honestly. CIS has a nationwide network of over 5,000+ that can address commercial LED signage claims in the city, suburbs, and rural communities.

CIS Commercial LED Signage Broken
LED Signage

Commercial LED Signage are LED displays that use an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for video displays. LED Signage is bright so it can be used outdoors and is visible in the sun.

CIS Channel Letter Signage
Channel Letter Signage

Custom-made metal or plastic letters used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings. Channel Letter Signage is internally illuminated and uses dimensional letters.

CIS Cabinet Signage
Cabinet Signage

Cabinet Signage are larger signs that are internally illuminated or non-illuminated. They can be mounted on a pole, on a base, flush to a wall, perpendicular to a wall, and many other methods.