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Commercial HVAC Claims

Insurance claims involving Commercial HVAC Equipment can be tricky. From Rooftop Units to Chillers, Boilers to Swamp Coolers, we consult on it all!

CIS’ expert staff will validate the reported peril and provide you with an accurate scope of work and price to bring your Policyholder back to pre-loss condition. Whether it’s a claim involving one unit or a large loss involving hundreds, CIS’ experts will simplify the claim process.

Let our staff assist you with all your Commercial HVAC claims, ensuring you indemnify your Policyholder for exactly what you owe, nothing more and nothing less!

CIS Commercial RTU
Rooftop Units (RTU's)

An HVAC system that contains all the components needed to provide air conditioning or heating for a specified space. RTU’s are found in commercial applications and are popular for retail properties.

CIS Commercial Boiler

An HVAC pressurized system that burns combustible fuel, or electricity, to heat water that is used to heat your building or facility.

CIS Split Unit
Split Systems

An HVAC system that consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser used to cool specific areas. Split Systems are common in low-rise buildings and small businesses.

CIS Commercial Chiller

An HVAC system installed with the objective of achieving proper temperature control by cooling fluids or dehumidifying air. Chillers can be found in multi-level large commercial buildings, hotels, and many other locations. 

CIS Commercial Furnace

An HVAC unit that supplies heat efficiently and effectively to a variety of commercial spaces.

CIS Commercial Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers

An HVAC unit that uses air and water together to cycle cooler air throughout a building.

CIS Commercial PTAC
PTAC Units

An HVAC unit which is commercial grade and installed through a wall, that both cools and heats specific areas. PTAC Units are more commonly found in hotel rooms and room enclosure spaces.

CIS Commercial Swamp Cooler
Swamp Coolers

A system that provides powerful cooling capabilities in large indoor areas. Swamp Coolers are found more commonly in the Southwest states. In these arid areas, water evaporates quickly and cools air well.

CIS Heat Pump
Heat Pumps

An HVAC system that consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser used to cool specific areas. Heat Pump systems also contain components allowing them to run in reverse and provide heat to a specific area.