Claim Handling

Claim Handlers:

How do I submit a claim? View Answer

You can click on the link on the front page to login or you can visit You will need the company code, username and password. If you have any questions about the company code, username, password or submitting a claim, please contact CIS at 630-616-1905 or 888-345-2700 option 1 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

What if I submitted some incorrect information or have additional information to add?  View Answer

Once you receive the confirmation of claim submission, you will have CIS’ six digit control number. You can log in to our claim management system and send additional notes directly into our claim notes by viewing your open files. The updated or corrected information is saved directly into our file and CIS’ claim handler is notified of the new note by email. You can also contact one of CIS’ representatives and they will assist you with any changes at 630-616-1905 or 888-345-2700.

Is the site Secure? View Answer

Yes, all information submitted to CIS is protected with an SSL encryption.

Can I login and check status on a claim?  View Answer

With your login you will have access 24/7 to claim notes, uploaded documents and invoices for that specific claim or any claims you have submitted to CIS.

Do you have mobile inspections and installations available?  View Answer

Mobile services are available in many areas on a claim by claim basis. CIS will make every effort to provide mobile service when requested, but can not guarantee it is available in all markets. CIS requires pre-authorization for mobile installations and inspections due to the additional charges that apply.

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