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Contractor working on HVAC unitThis year has already begun as a very active hail and storm year resulting in many claims involving HVAC-R equipment.  If the insurance industry is not prepared, over-payments can cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. The insurance industry trains their staff to be prepared to handle damage as a result of hail on siding, roofs and automobiles. The HVAC-R contractors are well aware of the reliance that insurance companies have put on them. Often times, these contractors are taking advantage of the insurance industry. Adjusters are frequently told that entire HVAC-R systems must be replaced even though damaged systems can often be repaired. Contractors also propose that more equipment than necessary must be replaced.  Additionally, they talk about laws being passed and newer refrigerants being introduced to further confuse adjusters. These practices have led to an even greater reliance on the HVAC-R industry.

CIS has the expertise to determine if equipment can be repaired by fin combing, coil replacement or total replacement. Accurate repair methods and  pricing results in significant loss cost reduction (LCR) for the insurance industry.

The HVAC units that are located below are common hail damaged packaged units. Very few claim handlers have the technical and practical experience to properly evaluate their level of hail damage.

United States MapThe real question is:

  • Are the units repairable?
  • Can the condenser fins be combed?
  • If fin combing is not possible, can the coils be replaced and are they available?
  • Do you need to replace the complete unit?
  • Was the unit even operational at the time of the event?

CIS can send staff on-site to a hail CAT and can assist with accurate claim answers.  CIS’ staff have handle tens of thousands of damaged HVAC-R units and can determine the best solution for that application.

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Hail Damaged Unit

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Hail Damaged Unit

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