CIS Consultation Services

rooftop contractor inspection
HVAC Claims

Providing answers for HVAC, Refrigeration, Boilers, Chillers, and Cooling Towers to help adjusters settle their HVAC Claims. 

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NHG Electrical Panel
Electrical Claims

From the breaker panel to the outlets, CIS Consultants are ready to help provide answers to assist adjusters settling their Electrical claims.

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CIS Well Pump Replacement Residential
Well Pump Claims

From residential to irrigation well pumps, CIS consultants are readily available to help provide the answers you need to settle your well pump loss claims.

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NHG Repair, Replacement, and Emergency Services

residential on-site inspection
HVAC Repair and Replacement

HVAC and Refrigeration assignments call for a variety of equipment types to be repaired or replaced and NHG has the tools and knowledge to work on them nationwide.

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NHG Electrical Testing
Electrical Repair and Replacement

From the breaker panel to the outlets, NHG contractors are readily available nationwide to repair and replace even the most complicated Electrical claims. 

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NHG Temp Cool and Heat
Temporary Cooling, Heating, and Electrical

If you find yourself without air conditioning or heat for an extended period of time, look no farther than NHG to install temporary HVAC relief.

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