Who is CIS?   View Answer

Commercial Insurance Services is the leading national commercial and residential claim solution provider. CIS was founded in 1978.

How did you get my information?   View Answer

CIS works directly with your insurance company. Your insurance company submits the detailed claim information to CIS and we contact you to resolve your claim.

Can anyone access my claim information?   View Answer

No, only your insurance company and CIS can view and access your claim details.  Your personal information is held in strict confidentiality and not shared or sold.

What can I do to expedite my claim?   View Answer

With any loss that may involve a CIS consultant, the best way to speed up the claim process is to have your documentation ready, all contact information for your contractors prepared and availability to the loss site for an inspection.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or question?   View Answer

Every insured receives a document from our staff that includes phone numbers, email addresses and fax numbers for your claim consultant and their managers. If for some reason you do not receive one or have misplaced it, call our mani number at 888-345-2700 and explain your needs to our receptionist.  Our receptionist staff would be more than happy to direct you to the proper manager.

Can I ask the person or company that is inspecting my equipment for an estimate or their opinion?   View Answer

Our technician is there to collect data only. CIS does not ask them or request an opinion from them. CIS consultants will review the information provided and form an opinion and forward it to your insurance claim handler for their review.