CIS’ Story

CIS has been called 

“The Most Successful Claim Program Ever”


Quality Claim Consulting

CIS is the result of education, talent, foresight, ingenuity and compassion coming together with a common goal to do the right thing.  We are a full service HVAC, well pump and commercial electronics consulting company providing a complete array of services. CIS’ services include consulting, repair, replacement and negotiation on mechanical equipment losses.  CIS is also a national dealer for Trane, Carrier, Goodman and York manufactures.


Established in 1978

We have been working exclusively with the insurance industry since 1978 providing expert solutions to difficult claim problems.  Our HVAC teams of consultants are the best in the world.  Whether you have an HVAC unit, phone system, well pump or other commercial electronic components, CIS has the solution to your loss.


Repair or Replacement Option

If your insured needs a repair or replacement to satisfy a claim, CIS is here to help. Our staff are dedicated to providing Commercial, Industrial and Residential HVAC repairs or equipment at the same low prices that we provide the insurance industry.  Just give our knowledgable staff a call at 877-259-4800 and you will find some of the most professional people in the industry.  They will contact your insured and guide them through the process so that you get the correct size, type and efficiencies allowed by the EPA in their area. They will not only be purchasing equipment at a discounted price with full factory warranties, they will have one place to call for a question or warranty issue.

2018 CIS Service Brochure


CIS’ staff handle all types of HVAC and Well Pump claims including:

Theft of coils:

IMG00066-20101228-1058          cis insurance new 2

                            Stolen Coils                                                     CIS Replacement Units

Hail Damaged Condenser Coils:

Hail HVAC1          Hail HVAC2

                            Repairable                                                              Coil Replacement

 Lightning and Wear and Tear Claims:
Lightning 102          Dirty_Condenser
                        Lightning Claims                              Wear and Tear Claims (Poor Maintenance)

 Residential and Commercial Well Pumps:
wellhead          well pump Repair
                   Residential Wellhead                                           Repair of a well and pump

National Dealer of:

Carrier 2    trane 2    York2    Goodman 2